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The Door Phone Tse You

Reception indoors. Jack has weapons of the body to unload, put on the table, surrounded by Jiang Sen and Liu Bo, accompanied. Jiang and Liu was born bottom, even the high school did not join the army to go on reading, English water products can be imagined, although video door phone They learned some force, but also a bottle of dissatisfaction bottle Guangdang, only some simple English words and technical terms, to say that a direct dialogue with foreigners, they even close. They are curious about Jack, though, unfortunately, I do not know how to ask questions, only small eyes big eyes thump to dry sitting. Video door phone comes in, the reception room was quiet and no noise. See the video door phone came in, Jack stood up. Video door phone waved his hand and smiles, do not hesitate to sit down! video door phone pulled out a cigarette and handed him, Jack was by no polite, took lit smokes. Video door phone sat down beside him and asked, Jack, is how you and your white ho know? Jack said indoor monitor Hao who saved me. Once I went to perform the task, although succeeded, but one was wounded, was badly injured, with another behind, escape hopeless. At this time, someone just drove by, rescued me, and sent me to heal doctor, that person is white ho. Later, we became friends.

From him, I have heard a lot about you, think, this time we took over the task is to assassinate you. He made it very simple, and no tone, tone is flat, as if describing a relationship with him is no matter. Video door phone nodded and asked, white ho know about this? Jack shook his head, said he did not know. Our actions have always been very secretive, even though I also just found out that the original object assassination Tse you. Video door phone Oh sigh, then asked, What is the name of your organization? Jack Road, black blood. Pure killers. Black blood. Video door phone no concept of this name, he said, Jack. After you have any plans? I'm afraid. You have not come back to England. Yes. Jack smiled, said to be laughing, but his lips touched the look on his face is still deep cold. He killed his companions door phone systems. Runner dealt with properly, the placement of the body, you should know? ! Also, we have just a few casualties brother, how much money directly from the communities where mention. Good, door bell intercom, I understand! Yang Shaojie nodded respectfully. If societies have enough money. Video door phone channel, everyone is in trouble several elders out some of it. Then, ignoring the elders of the reaction, he turned down the stairs, to the reception room.

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